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Small improvements that make the new version of OkayCMS 3.5.2 more convenient

- Added the ability to see the order history immediately in the order list, without going into the order itself
- Added the ability to select the seller’s guarantee as well as the manufacturer’s guarantee from the properties in the upload module in Hotline
- The functionality of disabling the visibility of empty categories if they had no products previously worked only on the desktop version. We made sure that such categories were not displayed on the mobile menu as well
- They added the product article unloading in the mpM tag in the GoogleMerchant upload module
- Additionally improved protection against XSS vulnerabilities
- Fixed several bugs related to New Mail modules
- Fixed the work of the user password recovery login function to your personal account
- Fixed a non-obvious bug displaying a subcategory that was reproduced in certain cases


Site: https://okaycms.toservice.xyz

admin site: https://okaycms.toservice.xyz/backend/

username: admin

password: admin123

Configuration instructions:

1. import the data.sql file into your database.

2. Copy the entire contents of the source file into the website's root directory





and files

3. chmod to 755 for directories that are not yet scripted.

4. Go to the config directory to edit the file

db_server = localhost

db_user = name_account_database;

db_password = "my_password"

db_name = namedatabase


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